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REITs Give Back to Hawaii

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REITs are part of the community and participate in philanthropic and charitable giving that supports our local communities and non-profit organizations across Hawaii, delivering much-needed services and accommodations to children, youths, kupuna and many other groups with special needs and circumstances.

REITs in Hawaii have a distinguished history of charitable participation through the Nareit Community Giving Initiative, an initiative of the Nareit Foundation, and through the many community activities carried out by the individual REITs that invest in Hawaii.


More information on their respective contributions and activities is available below.

Hawaii Community Giving Initiative

REITs in Hawaii



The Nareit Hawaii Community Giving Initiative remains committed to supporting Hawaii’s non-profits engaged in charitable causes that contribute to increasing access to affordable housing in Hawaii.

If you or your organization is interested in applying for a grant, go to How To Apply.

Supporting and Nurturing the Community

"We recognize that our role is to support and nurture the community in which our members operate."

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